How not to get a space suit

Our game is all about making your dreams come true. Our dream was not only to finish the game, but ultimately help the little boy to jump across the galaxy. And for that purpose you need except space jumping boots one more thing that is not easy to get: A space suit.

Following our dreams doesn’t mean we are being foolish. We can build a space jumping boots prototype, but the space suit has to be a real deal. Nobody wants to become stucked in cold interplanetary space without proper protection and warm socks.

And who has all the space suits?

There was no other way. We had to contact all space agencies we could find and asked them for help. Of course you cannot ask for a space suit without reason. So we have sat together and created technical documentation of our project. This should demonstrate our scientific and visionary ambitions also our altruistic goals: We want to share space jumping with all people.

Here you can have a look on the technical documentations, which we have sent to all the agencies:

Patience is a virtue, so we have waited for the responses. One of us dreamed how he will wear the space suit and fulfil at least one part of his dream of being an astronaut. While dreaming, the responses came…

„I am afraid we cannot give you a space suit. I would recommend that you contact the European Space Agency (ESA).“


„Unfortunately, the Canadian Space Agency does not have their own spacesuits. Please contact NASA for your request. We wish you the most success with your project.“


Many thanks for your mail and you request. We passed your mail to the responsible persons but they didn’t wanted to furnish a space suit – we are sorry… We deeply regret that we can’t help in this case, Felix advise to search also on eBay…


„We are not able to supply you with a space suit.“


„Many thanks for the information on your exciting project. Unfortunately FFG is not in a position to provide you with a space suit of any kind.“


So sadly, no space suit for us.  And for the record, NASA hasn’t sent us any response. But we had great time waiting for the responses and reading them. We have imagined how people would react and it feels great that there are still people with enough sense of humour and who don’t take them self too seriously. It’s people like this that keep the dreams alive and going.

Even now, when we don’t have a space suit, we are continuing with our work aiming always for the stars. While still working, we would like to send a huge thank you from the Bitmap Galaxy team and our little co-worker to all the great people, who answered to our request or bought our game.

Maybe one day we will meet while jumping from one planet to another.